A downloadable game for Windows

Cure Creation is a HTC Vive game which requires two people to solve puzzles together in order to distribute the zombie anti-virus to the rest of the crew. The Scientist is the person outside of the HTC Vive (and locked in quarantine) who has to dictate to The Civilian how to solve the puzzles in order to "hack" into the distribution system.

Second Player Application

Google Play Store


Interactive Object Modelling/Texturing and Lead Programmer

Ashlee Nielsen - Website

Game Design, Audio Collector and Particle System Creator

Travis Wood - Website

Physical Key Puzzle Programmer

Richard Tilbury - Website

Static Environment Created by

Julian Tate - Website | Email | Artstation

Alex Wyld - Artstation | Email

Environment Link


Created with Unity 5 and 3DS Max

Install instructions

The Second Player Manual now comes with the complete build. Or alternatively download the Google Cardboard app from the Play Store for the second player!


Cure Creation Build.zip 41 MB